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Gemini June 2015

Till the 21st of June you are still in your personal pleasure peak you may indulge yourself by all means only keep in mind that your pleasures should not hurt others. The new Moon on the 25th, is fortuitous as this time it occurs in your own sign. This aspect is a harbinger of money and personal happiness. On the 21st of June you enter a yearly financial peak, so focus your energies in finances and investments. Seek help if you are a novice in this department. Remember we always receive and get what we focus our energies on realistically while working hard for it. Love life continues to improve wherever there is money, honey is bound to follow. Saturn moves out of your 7th house on the 15th, and Venus travels with your love planet Jupiter towards the end the end of the month. Singles will encounter excellent romantic opportunities. Especially from the 28th to 30th, you need to make things happen and be at the correct place. Keep in mind that all relationships you get into now will be tested time and again, so focus on quality than quantity. This month the challenges are mostly to do with the career scene. Your work planet Pluto is undergoing a stressful aspect from Saturn as Saturn is retro and moves into your sixth house of profession on the 15th. Hence the work place does become restrictive. You only need loads off patience. Your career planet Neptune goes retrograde on the 12th so situations will be solved in their own sweet time you just exercise patience. Health and energy will remain good over all. If any kind of surgery is recommended take second opinions. Last month the power of the planets shifted from upper to the lower half of your horoscope so you need to deemphasize career and outer goals. Develop a wait and see attitude. Time to gain mental clarity about what you are going to do in future. Things are not as they appear to be so good to focus on psychological foundation. Looking for a personal consultation? Please contact me on with your date, time and place of birth.

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