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Capricorn July 2015

You are still into your social and love peak. Mars the planet for your family affairs entered your 7th house on the 24th of last month and will be there all of this month. This indicates more socializing with the family and perhaps doing more networking. It also shows a more aggressive attitude of love.

You will be more proactive, you will not play games in fact have a direct confrontation honestly. Your family and friends will play the cupid. This transit often indicates the reappearance of an old love. This can be actual or metaphorical. You will meet a person with similar traits or personality. You will be able to resolve old issues from the past and heal from within.

Mercury enters your 7th house on the 8th indicating an affinity for health professionals or for people involved in your health. Romantic opportunities for the singles are in abundance especially at work place. Mentors, ministers and foreigners become more alluring.

Your health and energy remains good in fact improves after the 23rd, meantime get enough of rest and relaxation at regular intervals. Avoid negative moods or negative emotional state of mind as they have a more dramatic impact on your physical health than usual.

Finances have been stressful since the last 21st of June, earnings will happen though through much hard work and effort. Your partner or spouse will flourish and the good news is that they will be generous towards you, your own funds improve after the 23rd of this month.

Uranus your financial planet goes retrograde on the 26th, this indicates a time to review the finances to gain mental clarity in this area and resolve any doubts. Earnings will happen and they are larger than usual but with delays and glitches. Be clear and honest in your financial transactions.

Start focusing on your career from the 21st of this month and all paths to success are ensured. Let go off home and family concerns; focus on career and its growth.

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