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Capricorn December 2015

Your 6th Power wakes up in your 6th house actually it became powerful on the 22nd of last month & becomes more powerful in December. This aspect is very nice and fortunate if you are seeking jobs or wanting to change your line of profession.

It will also be a good idea if you could focus on your health, get your diet and exercise regime in order. Romance will be good throughout and chances for those who are single and ready to mingle that you may find your mate at work place or while out socializing.

Saturn is getting a very positive stimulation and loving aspects from all the planets. On the 22nd as the Sun enters your 7th house you enter your yearly and love and social peak. Finances look good and on the upswing, on the 22nd when your financial planet is in Sagittarius this generates earnings and expansive energy.

You may receive money from abroad as your business flourishes. Money though is coming through the hard work that you are putting in. After 22nd the Sun enters Capricorn and you become wise in your dealings and finances. Social connections become important and a chance off you hanging out with people who matter becomes more of consequence.

Your financial goals will be met more because you would be able to impress others with your skills. Parents or parent figures should remain out of harm’s way from the 5th to the 12th because Mars involved with dynamic aspects with Pluto and Uranus. Take care of your health as it does become delicate after the 22nd. The most important thing is to get enough rest and try to keep your energy levels high with a proper diet.

On the 22nd the planetary power does shift yet again, this time it moves from the lower half of the Horoscope to the upper half. This shift catches momentum next month. You may start to feel the energies by the end of the month and it sure makes you feel good as it gives the correct push to your ambitions and career.

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