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Cancer August 2016

The financial peak is still there till the 22nd. Earning power is at its maximum right now. Friends and family remain supportive and unusually so. Good high tech skills and equipment are very important now and most likely you should spend your time & money on these Gizmos. By the 22nd as the Sun leaves the money house, financial goals – at least the short term ones are achieved and your focus shifts to mental and intellectual interests. On a financial level, sales marketing, advertising and PR seems very important. You may discover happy financial opportunities close to your neighborhood.

Mars the career planet moves into your 6th house on the 2nd. This is an excellent time for job seekers, and your career gets a boost because of your good work ethics. Health remains variable since Mars in your 6th house suggests a need for good physical exercise. Good muscle tone is important and you need to focus on ways and means to up your energy levels.Even though career is important but yet you can downplay it this month and take a break, emotional wellness lays the ground work for future career success, so its important to focus on your emotional well being.

Mars is “out of bounds” from the 9th to the 13th which indicates that you or your company could be exploring new and bizarre paths. Parents or parent figures could also be behaving unusual this month. Retrograde activity is also strong this month 40% of the planets are retrograde until the 18th and after the 30th a high %age. So you need not make haste take things one by one and slowly. Try to be perfect in all that you or at least try perfection in imperfection. Do not make matters worse.

Great improvements are seen in your love life this month. Saturn receives wonderful aspects which show romantic opportunity. More importantly the love planet starts to move forward on the 18th bringing the sorely needed clarity to your love life. Social and romantic decisions will be much better from the 18th onwards. Venus travels with Jupiter from the 26th to the 28th. This indicates prosperity for the family as a whole. You may buy expensive items for your house and make it more beautiful. Happy job opportunities are also on the horizon.

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