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Aries November 2015

Since the planetary power is firmly seated in the western sector of your zodiac, this means that your personal skills do not matter now; it’s your abilities, talents and potentials that take you far.

How you get along well with others, how you win their confidence is what matters. This is the period when what is important is the consensus and cooperation of others that help you move forward.

Its your social skills that will determine your success or failure. So it’s a good idea to focus on these. Since Mars the ruler of your house is moving into your 7th house, its fortunate that you are honing your social skills for putting the needs of others forward is definitely going to hold you in good stead.

Your attitude towards others can win many a hearts and this leads to a successful month ahead. I am very well aware of the fact and I am sure so are you that when we think of others our own problems get solved on their own and even the finances are taken care off.

From the 8th onward your financial planet Venus also moves in your 7th house. Since Mars your ruler is in your 7th house he is far from his own first house, this denotes that you may also find yourself distanced from personal concerns and find yourself more involved in the affairs of others.

Your spouse or partner will flourish this month., and would be more generous with you. There is retrograde activity this month as by November 18th, 90% of the planets will be moving forward, so the pace of life quickens and you will find progress of life faster.

Your passions will be higher than usual this also compliments your love life and 8th house of regeneration becomes more powerful and remains so till the 22nd of this month. 8th house is also known as the mystery house, you may find yourself probing and seeking answers to the mysteries of life, as in life after death? I never shy away from seeking these answers as its healthy to tussle with these questions, when we understand death it brings us closer to understanding life.

Excellent period to reinvent yourself and personally transform your own beliefs. This is what I understand as evolving.

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