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Aries May 2016

Last month, the planetary power began its shift from the West to the East which means its moving towards you rather than away from you. You have trying to adapt to things situations and people the way they wanted, now is the time to look into your own needs and do as you please. Remember due self importance has to be given and you must look into your own desires interests and likes. Be responsible of your own actions and happiness. Personal power will get stronger by the day makes those changes you have long wanted to make, do not hesitate or worry about what others think or feel. Once you have created your world others will soon follow.

Your 11th house of social contacts became stronger on the 19th of last month and remains so till the 20th of this month. You need to be aware of your financial situations and its implications. These days its more important to know how much you have rather than whom you know. You will be able to make wise investments and take profitable decisions. From the 2nd to the 4thh the Sun trines Jupiter so financial windfall is expected the job seekers could find lucrative jobs or land themselves into nice opportunities to progress. The financial planet in the 11th house favors online activities. Good period for networking and being involved in groups or organizations, bringing in long term benefits. The financial planet in the 11th house also indicates and advises you to be more experimental and take calculated risks. You will learn through trial and error and experimentation. Be calculative and conservative while taking risks.

On the 20th, financial planet enters the 12th house, indicating good financial intuition, psychics or astrologers can provide you a path to walk on. When you disconnect yourself from your inner self and intuition you could make wrong turns. So staying connected with your spiritual higher self is always beneficial. Being in the state of grace is always good, but for you it works through financial implications. Period to go deeper into the spiritual dimensions of wealth.

Mars your career planet is retrograde this month, though this does not stop the career but it does slow down things a bit. New careers need to be properly scrutinized before you take any decisions. Situations may not be as projected. Now Mars will have his ‘solstice’ from the 7th to the 14th which means the planet pauses in the same latitude for seven days. This indicates that you need to stop look and then proceed in your career, this not only refreshes but you get a greater clarity. On the surface nothing seems to be happening, but they sure are happening behind the scenes.

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