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Aquarius December 2015

Venus your family planet crosses the mid-heaven and enters your 5th house. So you will definitely receive all support that you need in regards to your career or professional life. In fact if you are thinking of an elevated status then now is the time to execute your plans and make money. Those interested in higher education and seeking assistance from family will readily get the needed financial support.

Last month the planetary power began its shift towards your eastern sector, this shift gains more momentum after the 5th. Becoming self reliant and gaining confidence in doing things independently should be your target. Start taking responsibility of your own happiness, you do not have to adapt to situations, while doing your own things sensibly others may adapt to your style and way of thinking.

Health and energy remain good. There is only one stressful planet throwing its aspects towards you, but you will have all the energy you need to achieve your goals and meet your targets. Good month if you are scheduling your appointments with your medical consultant.

Good time to get to your detox regimes and diet schedules in order. Until the 22nd you are in your personal heaven, your 11th house of friends becomes powerful and the cosmos impels you to do things which you most enjoy doing. Social networking gains importance and become more enjoyable until the 22nd; they could also bring in romance and romantic opportunities.

This is also a great period to increase your knowledge of technical equipment, computers and get yourself updated to the latest gadgets. After the 22nd you will enter a more spiritual kind of phase, and if you are craving for solitude or your own space be confident of letting others know. Great period to involve yourself with like minded people.

It will be a good idea to go for spas or attend meditation seminars or lectures and grow spiritually. Be attentive and alert while going or driving on road and cater for the mistakes off others. Avoid any kind of temper or tantrums.

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