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Aquarius April 2016

The 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests became very powerful last month and carries on in the month ahead. You are bound to feel comfortable in whatever you do. Take care of your communication let not the excitement of talking overwhelm you. You could experience some kind of family drama on the 7th or 8th. Hence focusing on family can sort out issues amicably. On the 19th the planetary power reaches the lowest point of your horoscope. The power of the planets are most distant from the 10th house of career. So career though very good is in abeyance for now. Most of the planets being below the horizon your 4th house of home and family is strong and your 10th house of career is empty only the Moon will move through the house on the 22nd & 23rd.

This period from the 19th onward is wonderful for those who indulge in holistic therapies. There will be breakthroughs and new understandings as the cosmos has its own therapeutic regime designed for you. You will feel more nostalgic past memories will spontaneously arise. As you review your past from the present state and present understanding history gets re interpreted differently. Many things that seemed like disasters at the time will only be seen as incidents all leading to good eventually.

Health needs monitoring from the 19th onward though overall you remain healthy. Try getting enough rest and avoid depression, keep your mood constructive and positive do your best to maintain family harmony.

Love looks happy and contended the New Moon of the 7th looks especially good it is also an harbinger of job opportunities and love is found closer to home. After the 19th love for singles comes through family introductions. Old flames from the past can come back into the picture. It can also be literally or someone who reminds you of him or her. It’s a part of nature’s therapy as old issues get resolved.

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